A trip to Greenwich

Last week I visited the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition in the University of Greenwich.

It's one of the shows I try to get to every year, and it's always entertaining to see the different interpretations of unusual travel destinations. As ever, the portfolio collections were the most interesting and gave some good social commentary.

I combined it with a bit of slow shutter speed work on the DLR between Bank and Lewisham, and a photowalk around Greenwich, which included the market and maritime areas.

Click on the grid images to open in a lightbox.

Greenwich Market is fun, and the late afternoon sun sends beams of light through the glazing in the roof that highlight interesting people peering at the vintage shops and pop-up cafés - I must go back, because I didn't get any compositions I'm happy with.

I had more luck in Greenwich itself...

"There was a ship" quoth she (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

Checking out the Cutty Sark

An evening coffee.

Fashion in photography

A photowalk in Cambridge in August