Welcome to my website

I am developing this site to present my photography projects and to show my own images.

Click the 'hamburger' (or 'stack of tiles') symbols to access the navigation menu, or use the main contents menu at the bottom of each page.

My first project, which prompted my creation of the site, was my Tir a' Mhurain blog to showcase the images the modernist US photographer Paul Strand made during his 3-month stay in the Outer Hebrides from April 1954. His work was published, together with penetrating commentary by Basil Davidson, in the book "Tir a' Mhurain" in 1962.

My images will expand to a Lightbox format if clicked: most of the images from Strand's book are deliberately kept as thumbnails and will not expand.

See my Tir a' Mhurain blog entries on this site covering the background to my project and for my own images that were created in many of Strand's original locations. I hope I have provided resources helpful to those interested in Strand's work and who want to visit the wonderful Land of Bent Grasses themselves...