A photowalk in Cambridge in August

Cambridge can get pretty miserable in the summer - heaving with unphotogenic tourists. Of course, tourists are an inseparable part of Cambridge and its prosperity and should be documented, however it's the ugly international logo-ed uniformity of their clothing and gear that gets so wearing!

However, I had some time to stalk interesting subjects and backgrounds recently while on my way between the station and a meeting near the Market Square.

Click on the thumbnails to open the images in a lightbox.

There are some great screens around the building works at the University Arms Hotel, which provide endless opportunities for Vasarely-like compositions...

Further in to town there was a glorious verbal sparring match under way between an old-style soapbox preacher, declaring his joy in god through a tinny loudspeaker, and what I took to be a Cambridge scientific academic who probably had a little time to kill between experiments. I did enjoy the gestures!

Possible captions: "Sources of inspiration" and "Breadth of minds"?

Then comes the Market Square and surroundings. Fortunately there were some real people there, not just dull teenagers with trainers and backpacks. These included a very skillful acrobat, and an elderly gent street photographer wielding a Nikon point and shoot. I'm not sure if he was shooting the Chapel...

Railway stations always provide entertainment, although I spent some fruitless time trying to capture the feeling of stressed people pouring off and pushing on to recently arrived carriages, without getting anything worthwhile. Working close-in in crowds is always difficult, and luck in the arrangement of people in the frame plays a huge part, so I'll try this again.

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