Fashion in photography

On Saturday I went to London for the day and enjoyed a couple of sessions outside the London Fashion Week HQ in The Strand.

The wide pavement outside was heaving with people and chocka with crowd barriers, bike racks and traffic and, as a street photographer, a particular challenge was capturing people in their natural state, without most of them striking a pose at the first sight of a camera. Most of the others were too busy fiddling with their iPhones to notice me, and it's rare that a phone-encumbered image is worth taking these days, although I quite like one here, and a couple in later series.

Fortunately the fashions ranged from the subtle and classy, right through to garish, wacky, frightening and frankly bizarre, and I was able to collect images on a number of themes.

Here is a selection from the first - not surprisingly there were many professional and amateur photographers plying their trade, but a welcome surprise was the number of fashion photographers who'd dressed to suit their subject. In fact, several were every bit as stylish as their models and designers.

Others, however, were their normal, scruffy, miserable selves...

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