Finding Strand: The road, South Lochboisdale

The road, South Lochboisdale (page 139)

The road, South Lochboisdale, Paul Strand, Tir a' Mhurain 1962

The road, South Lochboisdale, Paul Strand, Tir a' Mhurain 1962

The South Lochboisdale road runs east for more than 2 miles from the crossroads with the B888 and the spur to Baghhasdail. Scooting through the route beforehand on Google Streetview wasn't productive, but I followed a little red mail-van east, and readily spotted the stone causeway across the small Loch Eavat that carries the road (grid reference 787176 on OS Explorer 453).

The road, South Lochboisdale ©Mark Farrington

Five minutes jinking around on roadside and rocky banks soon revealed that Strand had chosen a very particular place to set his tripod on the rock east of the causeway and south of the road: only at its topmost extent did the stone croft in the middle distance come fully in to view above the low rise at likely tripod height. I caught the returning mail-van in my version that most closely matches his.

The principal croft in this image has been extensively restored and is now available to rent (call 07760-254525). A nice family from Glasgow were in residence, enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, and we chatted for a while about my project and I showed them some of the images on the iPad. They were happy for me to photograph their shiny SUV against the almost too pristine ancient building - a stark contrast, for which bold colour saturation felt appropriate. I shouldn't complain, because it is surely good to have this place occupied and enjoyed!

There are a range of new crofts and bungalows scattered in this hamlet, and an interesting sculpture installation 'The Listening Place' a few yards east of the loch:

Here's a Geograph link to the sculpture which will help finding the location:


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