Finding Strand: Daliburgh Burial Ground

Daliburgh burial ground (page 74)

Daliburgh Burial Ground, Paul Strand, Tir a' Mhurain 1962

Daliburgh Burial Ground, Paul Strand, Tir a' Mhurain 1962

Locating this image is straightforward. Cladh Hallan is the only cemetery listed in Daliburgh (Dalabrog) and it rises to the west with the slope facing the oldest graves in the furthest north east corner, and several of the more distinctive monuments still there are visible in Strand's image: the dates on all I could identify do pre-date 1954.

Loch Hallan still lies to the east, in front of the dark mass of Aisgerbheinn and the other hills north of Dalabrog and South Lochboisdale.

My monochrome version is taken from a little lower on the rising ground of the cemetery, in part to limit the number of newer monuments included, and again I had to cope with a largely featureless blue sky. Much of the surface of the loch is now covered with reeds, and a few modern buildings are visible towards the base of the hills.

Daliburgh Burial Ground ©Mark Farrington

Daffodils were delightfully lit by the sinking afternoon sun in my slightly surreal colour interpretation, and I stayed for an atmospheric sunset between the grave monuments.

The cemetery is at grid reference 734219 and is easily reached along a rough track along the coast north west of Dalabrog an Iar, past a wind turbine and a couple of hundred yards inland of the bronze age Clach Halain wheelhouse (signposted from the main road).

The cemetery has a helpful website:


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