Finding Strand: Orosay from South Uist

Orosay from South Uist (page 26)

This is taken from the scimitar curve of beach stretching for a mile south of the isle of Orosay (Orasay, Orasaigh) near the south-west corner of South Uist.

Strand chose a clouded day when the tide was high and the sea driven by a brisk breeze: his image concentrates on clouds and sea. A tiny sliver of stony beach fills the bottom right corner.

I had to make the best of featureless blue above, and remote water, but the breeze moved the marram enough to give me a 'Land of the Bent Grasses' illustration with a slow shutter speed and high contrast in Silver eFex.

On the beach itself bright green weed was exposed by the low tide, and this made contrasting colours and textures among the greens of the weed on the rocks and grass on the island, and blues in the sea and sky.

Strand chose a position a little north of mine, and in his image one can make out the chimneyed block of the old net repair station against the Orosay causeway. This is now part of a scrap yard that bizarrely disfigures the otherwise pretty shoreline, and I had no wish to include more than a trace of this excrescence in my versions.

Access: A picnic spot is marked on OS Explorer 453 (grid reference 740163) at the end of an un-named road running west from the village of Gearraidh na Monadh.


In May 2017 I returned to the beach here at low tide one evening and captured the view south towards Barra, with the last rays of the setting sun catching the weedy rocks and sand ripples.

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